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The Sahara of the Bozarts

What in the world does "bozartsgirl" mean anyway?

H. L. Mencken described the South of the early 20th Century as the "Sahara of the Bozarts", meaning that the state of beaux arts was dry as a bone here. I call myself Bozarts girl, mainly because I think the coined word "Bozarts" is funny. But at one time, I thought I would be a scholar and examine art and literature of the South. I even "run" a Yahoo group called Bozarts. Check it out if you want. Now I am mostly a stay at home Mom of three, part time preschool teacher, and frustrated artiste (aren't we all?). My goal for this journal is to grab on to the loose thought balloons of my mind and let them float in cyberspace awhile.

Visit my Yahoo Group (I must warn you, it's archival (as in, dead):

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I didn't do these Snape icons. They were a gift from my lovely daughter. Two names I see on the URL tell me that _Grym did the "Sex Symbol?" one and _lonegungrrlyemily did "Voice of God". I don't know who did the other two, but they are great.

I'm playing around with icons. I did the following with Paint, the basic program that I had already installed in the upstairs PC

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Good for Halloween

Biomechanical Operational Zombie Assembled for Rational Troubleshooting, Scientific Gratification and Relentless Learning

So, you think Azkaban doesn't exist in the "real world"? Please take a look at: http://www.GeorgiaMoratorium.org

Also: http://www.amnestyusa.org/troydavis